Rebate Processing

Where is my customers’ mail processed?

Consumer mail is received in White Plains, NY, scanned in our White Plains facility and uploaded to our secure servers. Consumer documents never leave DataMatrix.

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How is my customers’ data managed?

Consumer data is captured by our staff and stored in secure servers. Data entry is completed by accessing the server. Each server has complete redundancy, efficiency and recovery services.

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How long has DataMatrix processed rebates?

DataMatrix has over 20 years experience with consumer promotions processing, data capture, promotion awards mailing and transcription.

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What are DataMatrix’s core competencies?

DataMatrix specializes in transcription services, rebate management services and promotion management.  We have been creating customized, secure solutions for our clients for over 20 years.

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How does DataMatrix protect my customers’ data?

Systems are hosted at Tier-1 data centers and are built for a Zero-Downtime Network.™ Hosting Security covers all three critical security areas physical security; operational security; and system security.

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What are some other data solutions that DataMatrix provides for clients?

DataMatrix can create custom solutions for warranty registrations, contest management, order processing & fulfillment, insurance claims, customer surveys, consumer polling, etc. DataMatrix can convert information from any format to data you can use.

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Can rebates impact my company’s sales?

Rebates drive consumer purchases (between 10 and 100% increase), depending on the offer parameters. Rebates communicate a call to action by using a finite time frame to participate in the promotion.

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What can rebates accomplish for my company?

Properly structured rebates can reduce inventory for slow moving product. Rebates can be used to introduce a product price correction. Rebates can also be used to adjust the retail price in lieu of retailer price adjustments.  Additionally, rebates can be used to encourage additional, cross-category purchases.

What is the basic rebate process?

Your customer purchases the product, completes the rebate documents and mails it to DataMatrix for processing. DataMatrix scans your customer’s mail and our highly trained staff completes the data capture, data verification and data validation.  DataMatrix prepares a detailed report of approvals, rejections and amounts that need to be funded.  Once funding is received, your customer’s rebate is prepared and mailed.

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What about additional marketing opportunities?

DataMatrix can offer check-based advertising, advertising on a customized customer service lookup site, create specialized incentive & loyalty programs, customized database for surveys, polling, and email blasts, add-on product sales.

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How can my customers’ receive rebate assistance?

DataMatrix provides support over the entire rebate cycle.  Our operators provide assistance with completing rebate documents, tracking submissions after they are mailed to us, tracking rebates after they are mailed to customers, etc.

DataMatrix also provides a website for self-service tracking. Additionally, DataMatrix accepts inquiries by email and fax

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What can I do with my customers’ data?

DataMatrix’s robust reporting engine provides full customized reports on any field we capture for your promotions.