Cost Calculator

You can initiate this program simply by entering your estimated sell through and use the defaults to calculate an estimated expense breakdown.

Estimated Sell Through
Estimated Redemption
Estimated Rejection
Processing Fee
Rebate Amount
Customer Calls
Setup Fees

Some notes to consider using this calculator:

Redemption is effected by:
a) the amount of the award, $50+ will have a stronger response
b) the award to retail ratio, i.e. $10 MIR on a $19.99 retail is a 50%

i.e. $10 MIR on a $19.99 retail is a 50% award – this will generate a strong response as well.

Short Descriptions of Calculator Fields

  • Estimated Sell through:  The amount of your product that you believe will be sold
  • Estimated Redemption:  The percentage of the individuals you estimate will fill out, add the required information, and mail in their rebate forms on time.
  • Rebate Amount:  The amount of money that the consumer will receive back
  • Processing Fee:  The fee we charge per rebate submission.
  • Customer Calls:  The estimated amount of calls that customers will have to inquire about the status of their rebates.
  • Setup Fees:  The price we usually charge to setup new offers in the system